A new template for articles that lack large amounts of information has been created. To use this template please use the following syntax:


- Use it within the source of the article. (preferably near the top of the page)

This will automatically give out a message on the article presenting it as a stub, (needing more information) and adding it to the Category:Article Stubs List.


This is for organization of articles, any contributor may look at the list of stubs to expand them as they're all automatically presented in the single category :).

If you see an article with no more than a sentence that can have information added. Please add the following Syntax to the source:
NOTE* We may use (for any article that is incomplete,)
however in the future this may be created:
This would be to differ which articles may be missing minor information with which ones have next to nothing.

If this is confusing, or you need any further information please let me know below or on my message wall.