MATHCOUNTS is an organization for middle school students only.

There are many categories of MATHCOUNTS.

Sprint Round Edit

The Sprint Round consists of 30 problems (40 before 1990). You have 40 minutes to complete all of the problems. You are not allowed to use calculators, books, or other aids during the round. Usually, if you are taking the real test, the proctor will give you a three-minute warning before this round is over. This is usually the first round during competitions.

Target Round Edit

The Target Round consists of 4 pairs (5 before 1990) and you have 6 minutes (4 before 1990) to do each pair. Each pair consists of 2 problems. Calculators are allowed during this round, but no other aids are allowed. Usually, the proctor will give you a 10-second warning before the round is up.

Combined Scoring Edit

If you are in a chapter or state round, the combined for sprint and target will be counted. Sprint round problems are worth one point each and target round problems are worth two points each. Each problem has a weighting (if there is a tie), person with higher weighting (which means they solved more hard problems) will have a higher rank than someone who just solved easier problems (which means that they have a less weight score.) Please see the Art Of Problem Solving Staff for more information.

The combined scoring determines the Chapter Competition and the State Competition winners.

Countdown Round Edit

The Countdown Round consists of two people trying to solve a specific problem first. Both people have 45 seconds to answer the problems and no calculator is allowed. The first person to press the "buzzer" has 3 seconds to answer the problem correctly. If they answer it wrong, the other person has the remainder of the 45 seconds to try to answer the problem correctly. First person to 2 questions right (3 in national competition) moves on to the next round.

This round also determines the National Competition Champion.

Awards Edit

In the works.

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