Here are list of the things to work on.

Hi, guys! As you all know, I, MathleteHauler, will be leaving this wiki soon, for various reasons. If you need any help helping us, please visit Cheetawolfnitrotyper's message wall or Vosavo's message wall.

So, I will give you a list of all of the things to work on.

  1. Anything related to AoPS.
  2. Categorize the pages. Please do not spam categories, as you may get a warning from the admins.cAlso, for Alcumus Achievements pages, it is Alcumus Achievements and Alcumus Hidden Achievements, not Achievements and Hidden Achievements.
  3. Add photos to the pages.
  4. If you need any additional help, ask any Admins for help.

Note: Any admin is welcome to edit this page, but please do not unprotect this page, as this is a very important page.

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